Swasthi is a traditional herbal formulation in the form of a tablet that gives complete relief from piles and related ailments.  It is a cent-per-cent reliable medicine made from cent-per-cent pure herbal components that promises a painless and permanent cure within a short span of time.  It contains cyclea peltata, cocculus hirsutus, holoptelea integrifolia, plumbago zeylanica, cyperus rotundus, zingiber officinale, boerhaavia diffusa, cinnamomum zeylanica, vete veria zizanoids, piper nigrum, abies webbiana, amorphophallus commutatus, saccharum officinarum and honey.  This medicine is also a remedy for ulcer, gas trouble, bad cholesterol, obesity and flabbiness of belly in women after giving birth

Directions for use and dosage

The tablet comes in bottles of ten tablets.  One tablet, weighing 5 gms, may be dissolved in diluted curd from which the butter has been removed (morin vellam) or in the water of tender coconut and taken early in the morning when the stomach is empty.  Food should be taken only after 30 minutes.
Dietary restrictions should be followed for the full effectiveness of the medicine.  Red meat, chicken, chicken egg, fish, pepper, sour items, tubers (fleshy roots), prawns, lobsters and hot spices or masalas should be avoided.  Butter, ghee, sour milk, white gourd, tomato and onion can be used.

With the first use, after a single dose, the bleeding will stop completely.  Within 14 days the pain, itching and connected problems will disappear and motion will be easy and painless. Within 45 days the swellings will shrink completely, the protruding of the rectal area will be a thing of the past and the disease will be completely cured.