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'English Medicine', as allopathic treatment is popularly known, treats each symptom of the disease separately and causes other ailments in the process.  Ayurveda, on the contrary, treats each disease, and in the case of more than one disease, each patient, as a whole and strives for the holistic wellness of the mind and body of the patient.

More and more people are becoming ill due to the intake of allopathic medicines, especially due to the tendency of taking medicines even without any medical supervision.  People unwittingly fall into a vicious circle of medication and recovery followed by more medication and slower recovery.  The escalation in prices of medicines and the machinations of profiteering middlemen combined with the increasing greed of doctors make people more disease-prone and penniless, begging for the mercy of other individuals and agencies.

Though Ayurvedic medicines are the best alternative, the implementation of quality controls, the adherence to standardization guidelines and the improvement of the technology of production and packaging are areas of shortfall when compared to the highly advanced allopathic medicines and their production methods.

The Company intends to make up this shortfall in the quality and presentation of Ayurvedic medicines to equip them to compete with the best in allopathic medicines and overcome the marketing limitations which, at present, strangle the growth of Ayurveda in India and abroad.